Digital Extremes “hit the pause button” on hero shooter The Amazing Eternals

Digital Extremes has announced the cancellation of their F2P competitive hero shooter The Amazing Eternals, euphemistically stating that they have “hit the pause button on development at this time.”

Refunds are to be issues to those who paid into the founders program for a 72-hour period that starts today.

Digital Extremes is best known now for the free to play shooter Warframe, but they’ve got chops and have been around for 20 years working on competitive titles like Unreal Tournament, so people were quietly optimistic about The Amazing Eternals ever since the game was discovered by a community member that managed to infiltrate the studio and get details on the project, in addition to a free lunch.

Servers for The Amazing Eternals will close at Midnight EDT on November 2.

“This decision didn’t come lightly,” reads the post. “We worked hard to make a game that we are proud to say was shaping up to have great potential.  However, we took an honest look at the current gaming landscape and how the game was performing in Closed Beta. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t attracting players fast enough to support a viable matchmaking player base with the current game design direction, which is the lifeblood of this type of game. So, with heavy hearts, we’re taking a step back to reevaluate the design and may revisit our intrepid heroes in the future.”

“This was a hard decision to make and we can’t thank you enough for your incredible support throughout development. The Amazing Eternals will live on through all of you who were there to make it happen.”

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