DingIt TV’s parent company becomes Level Up Media and announces two new sites

Ding It was once trying to be a competitor to Twitch, but in recent times has shifted its focus to on demand content. Now it’s senior management has created Level Up Media, which will be the parent company of Ding It, and will launch two new sites.

The Ding It website will remain pretty much the same and focus on eSports still, but Level Up will launch both www.TheGamer.tv and www.GoGamer.tv to compliment it. The Gamer TV will focus on content mainly based around triple A console releases and major titles. Go Gamer TV, which will be the second of the new sites to launch, will be for a younger audience, aged primarily below 13. 

Of course these new sites will need on demand content, and to get that content Level Up will be offering a licence fee instead of revenue share to content creators. The team will regularly review the fees paid to make sure content creators continue to get a good deal, but they hope that this will lead to better content, and put less of a focus on creators having to market their content to be super successful financially. 

Level Up will also be partnering with some content creators and giving them a co-branded area on one of Level Up Media’s sites, where they can host their content. The likes of Splyce, Efrag and HLTV.org are already a part of this partnership program with more expected to join in the coming months. 

“2017 is going to be a very exciting year for our company,” said Chris Gale, CEO Level Up Media. “The new brand and mission will allow us to expand our offering in a way that facilitates long-term success for all our contributors, partners and the gaming community as a whole. As interest in gaming video expands, so do the communities that are formed around the content. Rather than forcing all these separate communities and interests into a single site, we appreciate that different gamers have different tastes and see a need to provide hubs of like-minded fans to enjoy and engage with the content they love.”

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