Dota 2 gets massive 7.00 patch that changes everything

Dota 2 finally got a new patch after more than six months and it changes almost everything we know about Dota. 

The 7.00 patch is currently live on the test client and goes live in the main client tonight. The full list of patch notes can be seen over on the special patch site but we will cover the big changes below. 

First up is the launch of Monkey King, the first hero that is exclusive to Dota 2. His abilities seem to make him a high damage sneaky assassin who can climb onto trees and disguise himself as a courier, Aegis or other item. There is also a Monkey King terrain, arcana and voice pack to purchase. 

The map itself has been totally re worked. Rosh is now in the top river, there is double the ancient camps and everything has moved, almost. There is also a new UI, that allows you to see more of the area on screen. 

Viper, Slardar and Enigma all got remodeled and there is now a sky box to make all those SFM movies look a lot nicer. 

The massive game wide change is the introduction of talent trees. At level 10, 15, 20 and 25 each hero can chose one of two talents, a bit like Heroes of the Storm. Each hero has a unique talent tree, with some skills getting significant buffs from talents. 

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