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DreamHack to run 10 Smash Bros tournaments this year

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DreamHack has announced that it will be running 10 Smash Bros tournaments this year, with Melee getting six and Smash 4 getting the other four. 

Melee will make appearances at DreamHack DreamHack Austin, DreamHack Summer, DreamHack Atlanta, DreamHack Montreal, DreamHack Denver and DreamHack Winter. 

Smash 4 (Wii U) will get its tournaments at DreamHack Austin, DreamHack Atlanta, DreamHack Montreal and DreamHack Denver, which in case you didn’t notice is all the North American events. 

Each of the tournaments will feature a $10,000 prize pool, meaning DreamHack will be giving away $100,000 to Smash players this year. The winner of each event will take home $4,7000, one of the larger single event payouts in the scene. 

There is a few issues with the schedule however. DreamHack Summer runs on the same dates as CEO 2017, and DreamHack Denver runs at the same time as one of 2GG’s events.