eGames CEO: “We originally wanted Overwatch for the eGames.”

Chester King, CEO of eGames Group, the company behind the eGames pop up event in Rio over the summer revealed that they initially wanted to run an Overwatch competition.

While on a panel at the Future Games Summit (full disclosure: the event is ran by eSports Pro’s parent company New Bay Media) in London earlier today, King was discussing his event and let slip that they wanted Blizzard’s shooter.

“We originally wanted Overwatch for the eGames,” said King before going on to explain why they eventually went with Super Smash Bros Wii U and SMITE.

Ultimately they couldn’t make it work with Overwatch, the space they had was too small to accommodate 6v6 matches and other tournaments around the same time made it difficult to get top talent.

The pop up event in Rio eventually saw two Brazilian teams compete in a SMITE show match and a number of Smash 4 players compete in a larger competition. It was EVO winner Elliot “Ally” Carroza-Oyarce who came out on top and took home the gold medal.

It’s fair to say that the eGames didn’t quite do as well as many had hoped, with low viewer counts and more than a bit of bad press when they tried to invite Smash Melee players to a Smash 4 event. If the event had been Overwatch things may have been slightly different, as at the time the title was new and exciting with only a few competitions taking place.

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