ESL and Square Enix partner for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Go4 tournaments

ESL and Square Enix have teamed up to announce an esports tournament for scrapper Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in Europe and North America.

The tournament, dubbed the Go4 DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT tournament, will focus on the grassroots community, allowing people to come together for weekly cups, which kick off on May 20th and will continue on until July 11th.

Monthly finals will take place at ESL UK’s Studio 1 in Leicester on June 13th and July 11th. The event will broadcast through Square Enix’s Twitch channel, and Facebook and Youtube via Facebook and Youtube, commentated on by Ketchup and Mustard, two legends of the fighting game community that are best known for their work with Netherrealm fighting games.

The game already has a substantial audience in its native Japan, where people have gathered at arcades to face off against each other since the game’s launch. This attempt to create an esports scene around Dissidia makes sense. It’s an engaging game, with the dynamic of a 3v3 scrap creating a unique situation for the fighting game community, which has typically been more akin to duels up until this point.

“At ESL, we are delighted to work with SQUARE ENIX in bringing one of the first grassroots tournaments to the Dissidia community,” says James Dean, UK managing director at ESL. “Go4 tournaments are designed to support rising esports stars and we look forward to seeing the European and American communities step up to the plate and even challenge other well established scenes across the world in the future!”

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