ESL sue streaming platform Azubu for $1.5m

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ESL’s parent company Turtle Entertainment is taking legal action against Azubu, formerly known as Smashcast.

ESL allege a fraudulent breach of contract in their complaint, and if Azubu loses the lawsuit it could have to shell out over $1.5m.

Azubu made a name for itself after its launch in December 2015 as an esports-first streaming platform when it signed Korean League of Legends outfit SKT for exclusive broadcasting, but the wheels came off amidst funding issues.

The final trial is scheduled for July 30, 2018. Azubu representatives didn’t respond to our requests for comment, while ESL said that they can’t comment on an ongoing case.

Dot Esports has a great rundown of the ins and outs of the case and quotes several sources close to Azubu.