Esports and gaming video platform confirmed as gold sponsor for Indie Arena booth at Gamescom

Dingit.TV has been officially confirmed as the main sponsor for Gamescom’s Indie Arena booth.

As a gold level sponsor, esports and gaming video outfit will be involved at all levels of the show, supporting indie titles but also running tournaments for competitive games at the event.

From’s blog post:

"This year is extremely thrilling for the team here at as we will be Head Sponsors of the Indie Mega Arena which boasts one of the largest spaces at the entire convention. This is a very important partnership for us. It allows us to showcase what we do best and our passions for the gaming industry. We’re also able to support the gaming community, which means a great deal to the entire team at Dingit.

We also will be supporting indie titles that are hoping to gain major traction at Gamescom. We will be running tournaments and helping them get the promotion that they deserve. You will be able to see highlights from Gamescom and the gaming titles we’re giving a boost to, on our portal, that will go live closer to the event."

The team also have said that Gamescom is an important event for them because it will "allow (them) to connect with gamers from across the world and give them more insight about us."

Wolf Lang, the co-organiser of the Indie Arena booth, has added: “We’re super excited to welcome Dingit.TV as our GOLD Sponsor this year! Their tools and services give our devs the much needed attention for their awesome game projects. A perfect match!”

There’s a trailer. For a booth. Unreal, right? 

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