eSports Integrity Coalition disciplinary panel launches

The eSports Integrity Coalition has revealed that its disciplinary panel is now active to help solve all disputed and issues within the world of eSports. 

Much like the recently announced WESA arbitration court the ESIC panel will provide independent enquiries, investigations and rulings, including appeals, in relation to matters brought to its attention. 

The panel is made up of the following members.

Kevin Carpenter (Chair) – Principal & Consultant, Captivate Legal & Sports Solutions, UK

Alfonso León – Sports Lawyer, Ruiz-Huerta & Crespo, Spain

Anna Baumann – eSports Lawyer, Independent, Germany

Daniel Schulte – Vice-Director, ESL (Electronic Sports League) League Operations, Germany

James Kitching – Head of Sports Legal Services, Disciplinary, and Governance, Asian Football Confederation (AFC), Malaysia

Lilia Russo – Director of Strategy and Engagement, IMG eSports, USA

Pedro Fida – Partner (Sports Law), Bichara e Motta Advogados, Brazil

Richard Bush – Associate (Sports), Bird & Bird, UK

Integrity Commissioner, Ian Smith, said, “I am delighted with the excellent job Kevin has done assembling such a distinguished and able panel. It was very important to me that the panel was independent of ESIC and me and that I could not influence their appointments or their conduct once operational. This means participants who appear before them can be confident of a fair hearing without conflicts of interest or bias towards the prosecutor. This is key to one of ESIC’s core principles – adherence to principles of natural justice and, whilst I, of course, hope they have few cases to adjudicate, I’m confident that when they do, they will do so thoroughly and fairly.”

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