European Dota team OG win the Kiev Major

European Dota 2 outfit OG has emerged as the champions of the Dota 2 Kiev Major after a five-game final series that saw them beat Virtus Pro 3-2.

Virtus played a strong early-game, gaining an early lead in every game but the first, with OG fighting uphill to claim the win. It wasn’t the first challenge for OG though, as on their way to the grand final they also had to win out over Team Random, Faceless and even Evil Geniuses on the way to the finals.

The last game of the series saw OG getting beaten by early aggressive play by Virtus Pro, which set the team up for a strong mid-game. However, OG won a key teamfight and evened up the game by stealing Virtus’ mid melee barracks.

This evened up the teams, and another teamfight win for OG sealed the deal, letting them dominate the game for a win at the Kiev Major.

A series of fights later, and the match was over. OG have made Dota 2 history by winning yet another Valve Major.

This is OG’s fourth Major win.

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