European Splatoon grand finals take place this weekend

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The finals of the ESL Go4Splatoon Europe competition are set to take place this weekend in Paris, France. 

The competition has been running for the past six months, with the best Splatoon teams from across Europe battling online for a shot at the finals. Now only four teams remain, with Extermination from Germany, BYE, a pan-European team, Rising Moon from France and Crème Fresh from France competing at the Paris event. 

The event itself will kick off at 14:00 CEST on Saturday 1st April and will of course be streamed online on the Nintendo Twitch channel. The first round of matches will start things off before a Splatoon 2 showmatch takes place just before the grand final. .

While other tournaments are throwing millions of dollars into the prize pools for these events, the winners of the ESL Go4Splatoon Europe finals will each walk away with a Nintendo Switch console.