Faker streams on Twitch and breaks records instantly

League of Legends world champion Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok took to Twitch to stream this week, after SK Telecom’s exclusive streaming deal expired, and broke records almost instantly. 

More than 245,000 concurrent viewers tuned in to watch the best player of all time, which meant that on his first Twitch stream Faker broke the record for the most concurrent viewers on an individual streamer’s channel. 

Previously the SKT team were forced to stream exclusively on Azubu thanks to an exclusivity deal. This meant that outside of the infamous SpectateFaker stream that saw all of his matched automatically streamed to Twitch direct from the client, Faker has never been on Twitch. However that deal recently expired and now the whole team is free to do as they please. 

All members of SKT are expected to start streaming on Twitch in the coming weeks, and will be trying to learn English instead of relying on a translator for each stream. 

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