Fnatic and GamingZone Entertainment team up for second series of GAMERZ

Fnatic have announced a strategic partnership with GamingZone Entertainment, the producers of reality TV show GAMERZ, that will see team members that win the GAMERZ show being placed on Fnatic’s CS:GO Academy team. 

The first series of the show took place earlier this year, and was patchy but promising, although marred by a couple of racist incidents that meant the stream had to be taken offline intermittently. 

However, the second season in 2018 is expanding far beyond its Swedish origins, with the website boasting a signup page for the European, US and EMEA regions. The addition of an EMEA and European editions doesn’t make a lot of sense considering Europe is the E in EMEA, but it still shows the project is growing outwards substantially. 

Fnatic will work closely with GAMERZ, with key Fnatic personnel appearing on the show to coach the hopefuls and share their knowledge with those watching along on Twitch and YouTube. 

 “Fnatic has a rich history in finding, educating and growing esports talents and we’re proud to have some of the biggest esports Pros competing under the Fnatic banner. Partnering with GAMERZ gives us again an opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with the newer generations. And of course the opportunity to welcome new talent into our CS:GO Academy team.” says Patrik Sattermon, Fnatic’s chief gaming officer.

“Through GAMERZ we will get a cool scanning of all the talented players out there. We really look forward to this.”

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