Fnatic make it to League of Legends World Championship quarter finals with a fairytale comeback

Fnatic managed a fairytale comeback yesterday, earning themselves a spot in the quarterfinal of the League of Legends World Championship, coming from a 0-4 first week in Group B to win 4 successive matches, beating a triple tiebreak situation.

Fnatic didn’t win a single game in their first week, and with two games remaining, Fnatic were probably browsing for early flights home. However, in a strong display, they won their final two group games against GIGABYTE Marines and Immortals, finishing things up with a 2-4 scoreline. This isn’t enough to win a group stage, but because Longzhu won their group so convincingly, with a 6-0 scoreline, this meant that every team below them in the league had a 2-4 scoreline.

We had a three-way tie.

Fnatic made the most of the situation, following up their wins over GIGABYTE Marines and Immortals with wins over Immortals and GIGABYTE Marines. This was enough to earn entry to the quarterfinals, the first EU team to qualify this year, and the first team to lose every match in the first week of the group stage and still make it to the quarter finals.

The knockout stage starts on October 19, and Fnatic will have to face off against one of the first placed teams from another group. Fnatic’s fans will be watching keenly to hope their team can go the distance, but League of Legends fans and potential sponsors will also be waiting in the wings, hoping to see if Fnatic’s win streak can continue.

Meanwhile for the other european teams, G2 was knocked out in the group stages today, while Misfits will play their final group games this weekend, and are currently second in Group D.

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