Former IBP players talk about competitive reunion on stream

Recently unbanned former IBuyPower players are talking about a reunion after an announcement that they be unbanned from ESL events on August 1.

On his stream, Braxton ‘swag’ Pierce, known as Brax, mentioned that he would probably link up with former teammates Sam ‘DaZeD’ Marine and Keven ‘azk’ Lariviere to compete again in the near future. That’s three of the five players from the IBP roster, with Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham, who wasn’t banned with the rest of IBP and now plays primary AWP position for Cloud 9, and Josh ‘Steel’ Nissan, who is an award-nominated streamer, unlikely to return.

In the clip above, Pierce said: “Azk is definitely down to come back. I already talked to him. I don’t know about the fourth and fifth (players on the team)."

This creates an interesting situation as Lariviere is currently an Overwatch player for Team Liquid, probably under contract, but it seems everything has been thrown into disarray.

Marine has separately mentioned potentially Joye ‘fxy0’ Schlosser, a former player for Epsilon Esports who has recently been unbanned. Several other names have been floated, but it seems the NA scene is eagerly waiting for a big announcement from the unbanned players.

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