Former LCS coach releases keyboard designed to combat injury

Former coach of Fnatic’s League of Legends team Luis "Deilor" Sevilla has announced a brand new keyboard designed for pro gaming. 

Known as the Shortcut keyboard the device features two pads, one for each hand, that each have fourteen keys and some kind of thumb stick/button. It is specifically designed for the needs of pro gamers, who let’s face it don’t really need to use every key on a QWERTY keyboard to win a world championship. 

The device is currently at the prototype stage, with the company looking for people to test it out for them. Those interested can head to the website and register. 

Deilor did a fairly substantial blog about why he chose to work on this and what his goals are. It’s worth a read as he makes some very good points, some of which we have included below.

“Every day, for many hours we are using a device that was designed over 30 years ago, for the tasks and habits of that time. And that device is based on the typewriter, that was created 200 years ago. This means that the keyboard we use daily has design limitations of a technology 200 years old. How crazy is that?

“When a player has contractures on his back or something as severe as carpal tunnel syndrome on both wrists, is it because he just plays so much that the body can’t handle it? I think it’s a matter of the keyboard not being designed for today’s activities and the lack of easily accessible information about how to take care of our own health.

“I want to tackle these issues. I want to create the best possible peripherals for gamers and help spreading the correct information so we can make better decisions regarding our performance and health. Something that in some cases will affect our professional careers but in every case will affect our overall happiness.That’s why I’m attempting to create the best gaming keyboard.”

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