Fortnite’s 1.9 update adds jump pads, shallow-water building and bigger ammo stacks

Fortnite’s Battle Royale 1.9 update is currently being rolled out worldwide, and it’s adding several changes to differentiate the growing battle royale title.

The update adds launch pads to the game, a trap that throws players high into the air, giving them a vantage point on the nearby area and letting them redeploy their glider for repositioning themselves. There were already jump pad traps in the game, but this seems to be a much more powerful variant.

So far, it’s unknown whether these launch pads are permanent fixtures to the map or they can be crafted, but it’s a real boost to mobility in the game.

Players can also build in shallow water, and several areas that players were currently experiencing some inconsistency with build areas, with some players talking about issues with building in spaces they should be able to. This takes care of it, and also now you can make a floating fortress, so that’s nice.

The biggest change however, is that the amount of ammo found in a stack will now be easier to share out: medium ammo was always found in stacks of 10, but this update increases the size of stacks depending on what mode you’re playing on. If you play in duos mode the stack will increase in size to 14, while in the larger squad mode the size will increase again, to 18.

Medium ammo is fired by the game’s rifles, making it by far the most valuable ammo. Larger stacks make it easier to share out the the spoils.

The patch will be downloadable soon.

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