Gamer Gauntlet 2017 Cruise sinks as sponsors pull out amid controversy

Ever fancied gaming on a cruise ship? Ignore the sea-sickness and there’s an appeal there.

It’s an appeal that the Gamer Gauntlet 2017 Cruise seems to have been taking a swing for. The trip, billed as the “Ultimate Gamer Cruise”, has been around for a year, promising EDM DJ’s, cosplay contests, esports tournaments and in an incredibly ill-advised choice, HTC Vive play.

The cruise is planned to run from Florida to the Bahamas on Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas in October, and major esports organisations are planning to attend and compete in the nautical contests. The event is being put together by Gamer Tech Events.

Take a look at the video. It’s quite something. I had to go and have a sandwich and relax for a bit after watching it.

Here’s the kicker, though. It appears that the Gamer Gauntlet 2017 Cruise is completely fabricated.

Reported by Esports Insider, esports betting outfit MoneyMatches was planned to be the exclusive betting server for the cruise, but the company’s CEO, Zach Smith, dug into the game after reports that a senior employee at Gamer Tech Events had quit after not being paid.

What he found was an event in disarray. Royal Caribbean revealed that not only have they not been paid for the use of their boat, but they’ve sent Gamer Tech Events a cease and desist letter.

The event’s primary sponsor, energy drink outfit Red Bull, also have no knowledge of the event, making their sponsorship remarkably impressive but also completely fictional.

This all came out during a livestreamed phone conversation between Smith and Gamer Tech Events founder Curtis Smith, when Smith (MoneyMatches CEO) confronted Smith (no relation, Gamer Tech Events) about a variety of his concerns.

After the confrontation, Smith went to Instagram.

On behalf of Gamer Tech

A post shared by Video Gamer Gauntlet (@gamertechevents) on Jul 28, 2017 at 12:51pm PDT

Soon after this, sponsors and teams started pulling out of the event. It’s an omnishambles, and despite Curtis Smith’s insistence that everything is okay, it’s starting to look like this is one cruise that is dead in the water. currently displays “be back soon” on the webpage, but you can still buy tickets to the cruise.

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