Gears of War Esports announces EU and NA grassroots tournaments for August

Gears of War Esports, the official organisers for all Gears of War esports events, has announced two brand-new summer tournaments, focused on grassroots players in North America and Europe.

The North American tournament, the CMG Offseason Open, will run from August 5-6 and is being organised by Casual Misfits Gaming, with the tournament taking place at the Casual Misfits Gaming Studio in Corona, California.

16 teams will compete in the tournament, fighting for a prize of $5,000.

Meanwhile, the EU has Know Your Roots EU Open, which will be hosted by Multiplay and occuring in Nottingham, England at the ALT Video Game Lounge. 24 teams will take place in the event, which runs on August 19-20. They’ll be competing for £4,000.

In addition to the cash, teams competing will be given pro points – a system Gears of War Esports uses to rank teams. Any team in the top 12 will get some pro points, and the full breakdown of what place will get you what is below:

  • First: 5,000 pro points
  • Second: 3,000 pro points
  • Third: 2,200 pro points
  • Fourth: 1,800 pro points
  • Fifth/Sixth: 1,600 pro points
  • Seventh/Eighth: 1,400 pro points
  • Ninth-12th: 1,100 pro points

These grassroots tournaments are a big deal. LAN grassroots events like Hypefestation stepped in to provide events during the Gears of War 3 era, after GoW2 had been dropped by MLG’s Pro Circuit and there weren’t many other places available for competition.

These tournaments provide a chance for new players to provide a showcase for teams looking to line their roster, but as Gears of War Esports is also accepting applications for observers and also casters, so there’s a chance we could see new faces showing up at the desks, too.

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