Genesis 4 organisers offer Smash players compensation after settings mix up

This past weekend Genesis 4 took place, and featured a large Super Smash Bros. Wii U tournament. However at least one game, if not more, were played with the wrong settings bringing into question the results of the matches. 

During the top eight portion of the event the knockback setting in game was set to 0.9 instead of 1.0. Two matches were supposedly played with this setting, and only the final round of the 2nd match was replayed. 

The two players who lost the matches, Samuel "Dabuz" Bubzy and Furukawa "komorikiri" Rei, have now been offered compensation by the tournament organisers. Their travel and expenses for Genesis 4 will be covered and they will each get free entry into one other major Smash tournament this year. 

“We understand that this doesn’t fix things for Dabuz and Komorikiri,” said Smash 4 Event Organizer of Genesis Gaming, Bassem “Bear” Dahdouh, in a statement. “No one can go back in time and fix the ratio. To help soften the blow the Genesis staff is finalizing compensation for hardships. In addition, I will compensate entry of any major of their choice in 2017, including CEO, Big House or Shine. I’m truly sorry this happened to these players. These guys are my friends and I would do anything for them. Sadly, in the moment, under the circumstances, I was unable to be their friend and had to be their TO with the staff. Believe me when I say you two are my heroes. I want you to succeed and enjoy competing.”

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