Genesis announce new Smash Melee doubles circuit that ends at EVO

After the disappointment of Smash Melee being relegated to the Saturday of EVO this year the organisers of Genesis have some good news in the shape of a new doubles circuit. 

Known as Fuse, the circuit will consist of three premier doubles tournaments and six major tournaments, each of which will award points to teams and not individual players. 

The first big event was Genesis 4, although we didn’t know that at the time, meaning Armada and Android already have some points to their name. The other two premier events will be CEO Dreamland and one that is to be confirmed. The major events include the likes of BEAST 7, Full Bloom 3, Smash ‘N’ Splash 3 and HLFan. 

The eight teams that have the most points heading into EVO will be invited to the finals, although we know very little else about the tournament finale. It won’t however run at the same time as SFV or Smash 4 finals at EVO. 

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