Ginx announces new eSports focused series of The First Hour

Ginx eSports TV has announced that it will be making another series of The First Hour, a show that takes a look at the first hour of gameplay from a game. 

The new series will be made up of 24 episodes, each an hour long, and will see hosts Adam Savage and Anthony Richardson return to play the games. 

This time however, things are a little different. As well as playing recent triple A releases the pair will also take on eSports such as Overwatch,CS:GO, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends or FIFA. 

The announcement teased that there may be some eSports related guests to help out from time to time, which will certainly be needed for titles such as Dota and LoL, but Adam and Anthony will mostly be jumping in head first. 

The format has worked well in the past, but with the move into more eSports focused titles it will be interesting to see how the show, and the hosts adapt. Afterall playing the first hour of Dota is very different to playing the first hour of FIFA. 

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