GODSENT bench Dennis and release Znajder as struggles continue for Swedish CS:GO team

Struggling GODSENT have seen yet another roster change for the Swedish outfit that sees Dennis Edman benched and Andreas ‘Znajder’ Lindberg released as a free agent.

Lindberg and Edman are, arguably, the two most valuable players on the team’s roster, but either way it’s a blow to the team. Lindberg has been with the company since GODSENT was formed in April 2016, while Edman came into the team in August, and now joins his former Fnatic teammate Markus ‘pronax’ Wallsten on Godsent’s bench.

Wallsten stepped down from his role as in-game leader back in August at the same time Edman joined the roster, and since then GODSENT has struggled to perform.

Dennis Edman was moved to the inactive player roster earlier today, while Andreas "Znajder" Lindberg was released into free agency after being with the organization since it was founded in April 2016. Hampus Poser and Jacob "pyth" Mourujärvi will be substituted into the lineup to replace the departing Swedes. Dennis also joins his former Fnatic teammate Markus "pronax" Wallsten on GODSENT’s bench.

Both Edman and Lindberg have issued statements via Twitlonger. Edman was brutal in his analysis of the situation: “After 2-3 months of playing together we had a few good wins and some very bad losses to teams i never thought i would struggle against.”

“The way we play in GODSENT is not the way i want to play, there’s no structure, discipline or teamplay. Mostly just individually good plays to win the round, sure individual plays works if you’re FaZe or SK but we don’t have those individuals. I just got more and more tired because i know i can do so much more as a player and with a more structured team/game plan behind me.That’s pretty much it, i like everyone in the team IRL but ingame we just don’t click and it was a long shot to even think this was possible.”

Lindberg was more even-handed, in a longer and more thoughtful statement: “In the end it was very clear that basically everyone wanted the same role in-game and that made us clash however we tried to work around it, and that left most of us very unmotivated and frustrated not getting to play the role everyone has shined in before in every other team. Me personally went out of my comfort-zone a thousand times and in the end it just makes you overthink stuff that you usually never failed at before.”

“All this made me extremely unmotivated day by day for the last 8 months, the only time i could turn up the heat was at LAN tournaments and show a good level of play, but online it’s just been pure dogshit, i’ve just been wondering what my next step should be as i felt misplaced for a long time just filling gaps, feeling that need of a fresh start somewhere else around people with the same mindset as me how to play as a team and build a team."

The roster now consists of Simon ‘twist’ Eliasson, Joakim ‘disco doplan’ Gidetun, and Fredrik ‘freddieb’ Buo. Edman and  Wallsten wait on GODSENT’s bench to see if any other team is interested enough in the players, both two-time CS:GO Major winners, to take the plunge and buy out their contracts.

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