Ha ‘Comeback’ Seung-chan was stressed in EU LCS because “food didn’t suit my tastes”

Ha ‘Comeback’ Seung-chan, previously known as Hachani, has spoken about his time playing in the European LCS series for Vitality, saying that he had a lot of stress because “the food I ate overseas didn’t suit my tastes.”

He said this in an interview with Fomos’ Kim ‘Kenzi’ Yong-woo, in an interview translated by Slingshot Esports. Seung-Chan played for Vitality, but was benched less than a month into the season, and was absent for the rest of the season, not playing a single game.

He’s now in Korea, playing for newly-qualified League Champions Korea team Ever8 Winners. The LCK is Korea’s highest level of League of Legends competition, and it seems that Seung-Chan is enjoying the new set-up much more: “Things are different in Korea, though. I’m having a fun time playing while eating delicious food.”

In the new team, Seung-Chan is a jungler, having previously played as a support for most of his career. He’s said that he’ll need time to adjust to his new role, but is keen to be “an asset to the team” as soon as possible.

“I played as a support during my career, but I started to lose interest in the game,” he said during the interview. “I’ve played other roles before but this is my first time trying out the jungle role. I came to this decision because I wanted to challenge myself.”

Seung-Chan is expected to slot in behind Ever8’s existing jungler, Kim ‘Malrang’ Geun-Seong, to give the team added flexibility with their choices. Seung-Chan has also mentioned that he plans to transition to a coaching role from here, meaning we could see him take on some of those duties with the Korean outfit.

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