Hearthstone announces 70 million player milestone

Hearthstone is continuing to grow, with Blizzard now claiming the game has 70 million players after the release of Journey to Un’Goro.

The press release, sent out today, doesn’t give a lot of detail on how often these players log in, how many are alternate accounts or how many of these accounts finished the tutorial and then left the game, never playing it again.

Still, it’s a strong statement, nearly three times the 25 million players Blizzard revealed in February 2015. They’ve recently had trouble after SuperData research posted a report claiming that the game was “killing itself”, with revenues across mobile and desktop significantly down as players started to feel stifled by a meta that hadn’t shifted in a while.

However, Un’Goro’s launch apparently set a record for the most players logging into the game in a single day, revealing that there’s still life in the card game yet.

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