Here’s what’s coming in Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris expansion

Yesterday, Bungie took to Twitch to reveal details about Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris reveal, revealing details about new story, characters, destinations and even the expansion’s opening cinematic.

Here’s what we’re getting, in handy bullet point form. Let’s preface this by saying there isn’t much new content planned for a competitive audience, but I watched the whole stream anyway, so here’s some information. The opening cinematic is below. 

New Content:

Story Content:

  • Players will find out more about who Osiris and the character’s backstory. The players will also find out about The Vex’s mystery master plan. Spooky.
  • The story will be set a few months after the Red War that occurred at the heart of Destiny 2’s story content. Reawakening the Traveler has caused problems, as a wave of light has spread out across the solar system and reawakened a gateway that the Vex are using to assemble on Mercury from across time. That’s where the player comes in.
  • During the new content and the expansion, players will be able to level up to Level 25 and the Power Level will let players make it to 335.

Key Characters (these are all copy pasted from Bungie’s press release, because I’m bad at the Destiny lore):

  • OSIRIS: “With Curse of Osiris, Bungie wanted to put the character of Osiris front and center, as ‘The greatest Warlock that ever lived’. You will discover who he is, what he’s doing on Mercury, and what he took with him when he was exiled.”  
  • SAGIRA: “Sagira, voiced by Morena Baccarin, is our first female ghost. She has an outspoken personality and thinks that the Guardians take themselves too seriously.”
  • IKORA: “Ikora makes a return to the story. She is starting to explore what she needs to be to become a stronger leader, as well as who she is as a human.”
  • BROTHER VANCE: “Brother Vance has returned to the lighthouse to guide the player, joined by other disciples who are eager to herald the return of Osiris.”

New Places:

  • Mercury: This is a whole new location that offers story content, public events, chests to find and lost sectors. The public event has been described as “bespoke” meaning it’ll likely be a whole new task.
  • The Infinite Forest: The Forest offers players a highly replayable mission as the landscape and enemies will be placed in different configurations each time you play. It’s not yet known how deep this randomisation goes, but there are pillars in the forest known as trees that will allow players to jump back and forth through time and different realities.
  • Lighthouse: The lighthouse is a hub area for players on Mercury, a new social space that anyone can access.
  • A new multiplayer map, although no details were revealed on the stream. 

The New Raid:

  • Instead of a full raid, this Destiny 2 expansion has introduced the confusingly named Raid Lair. This is a brand new activity that takes place on Leviathan – ‘Eater of Worlds’, the location of the standard raid.
  • The new Raid Lair will offer you new areas to explore, new encounters, new rewards and even a brand new boss. This is great as Calus has been beating me for several hours once a week since the raid unlocked.
  • Raid Lairs are activities designed to take less time to complete, giving you a faster option to raid when you don’t want to sacrifice an entire evening to the loot gods.
  • The next Destiny 2 Expansion will also have a Raid Lair that will take you to different places on Calus’s ship
  • You do not need to complete Leviathan to play any Raid Lairs
  • If you win, you get new guns, armor, and cosmetic rewards in each Raid Lair, moving forwards. There’s no mention of if this will include a shiny new raid shader, but let’s assume that’s the case. 

You can watch the entire livestream here

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