In its dying days Club Penguin has found a new speed running community

Club Penguin, the online social MMO aimed towards kids, is being closed down in about a month, but that hasn’t stopped the speed running community rallying round it in its last days. 

There has always been somewhat of a Club Penguin speed run, with players trying to get 500 coins as fast a possible, but this new craze is a little different. Players are seeing how quickly they can get banned from the game. 

Sure you may think this is easy, just jump in, type a rude word and get banned in second but it’s not quite that simple, there is in fact a detailed rule book. Runners must start in a fresh browser window and have no information copied into the clipboard, from there they must sign up for a new account, verify the account through email verification and then enter the game and get banned. 

Impressively the current record for a human is at 37.37 seconds but with computer assists the fastest time has been 29.1 seconds and we all know that people won’t stop until they beat the computer. Unless of course they have to, as Club Penguin will go offline forever in just a few weeks as Disney plans to replace it with a mobile title. 

The speed running community is always a fascinating one, but this new craze probably isn’t something we will see at Summer Games Done Quick later in the year. 

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