Is the Gfinity Arena now known as the “Theatre of Electric Dreams”?

When Gfinity first revealed the Gfinity Elite Series they also dropped a bombshell that went somewhat unnoticed by many. They referred to the Gfinity Arena as the “Theatre of Electric Dreams.”

This new name is something that has divided opinion. Some love it, while others hate it. But the big question is will the new name stick? To find out the official company position on the new name we chatted with Martin Wyatt, Head of Partner Relations at Gfinity.

“No, it isn’t. It is not the Theatre of electric dreams,” says Wyatt. “I can’t, no just, I can’t… No it’s not. The amount of times that the electric dreams song has been pumped through this venue now, as we all take the mickey out of ourselves for that one. No its not, its the home of eSports in the UK. The theatre of Electric dreams, my god… We can laugh at ourselves, we have a sense of humour.”

While the team at Gfinity may not be a fan of the new name, they also say everything they do is for the community. So we thought we would give you the chance to have your say on the name. Cast your vote below and we will send the results direct to Gfinity.

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