Kaplan: No Overwatch announcements at E3

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has come forwards to say that nothing Overwatch related will be announced at E3.

Overwatch fans have had a rough weekend, with the hype train getting underway after Terry Crews posted a video claiming he would be making an announcement at E3. In the video Crews, who has been linked to Overwatch many times before and was even in the office for some voice work last December, mentions that he’ll be making a big announcement at E3 and launches Overwatch.

Fans took this as a not so subtle hint and began theorising that Doomfist would be emerging in June after a surprise announcement.

Kaplan however, quickly emerged to derail that train in a single forum post: “While we totally appreciate the enthusiasm, the Overwatch team won’t be attending E3 or announcing anything at the show this year,”

This doesn’t mean that Blizzard won’t release anything in June, after all, they’ve pushed three big content drops in 2017 alone. It just means that Crews announcement won’t be for Overwatch.

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