Kotaku and Deadspin launch new eSports focused site

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Kotaku and Deadspin have announced the launch of Compete, an eSports focused spin off of both sites. 

The new site will be headed up by new hires Eric Van Allen and Maddy Myers while other Kataku and Deadspin staff writers will also contribute along with some freelancers. 

Gillette is currently the launch sponsor for the new venture, further committing to their eSports marketing push. 

“Welcome to Compete, a joint venture between Deadspin and Kotaku dedicated to covering the best, worst, dumbest, most thrilling, most interesting, and, generally, the most stupefying—in the better and worse senses of the word—in esports and competitive gaming,” said editors of Kataku and Deadspin Stephen Totilo and Tim Marchman. “We’re just getting started here, but hope to make this a destination for the kind of coverage you would never read anywhere on the internet or elsewhere.”