LCS to switch to ten ban system

Riot has announced that both the EU and NA LCS leagues will use a new ten ban system in 2017 instead of the traditional six ban. 

All LCS matches will now kick off with each team banning five champions and picking five champions. The exact order can be seen in the helpful image below that Riot created, but things retain a similar look with teams banning three champions right out of the gate. Teams will then pick three champs, before using their final two bands and eventually rounding out the draft with two final picks. 

The new LCS pick ban system. Credit: Riot Games

The change is currently only for LCS matches and not public games. Riot is still toying with the idea of changing drafting in public games as they have already had a lot of feedback that it takes too long for matches to start. 

“In pro play we think pick/ban changes can lead to an increase in champion diversity and strategic play,” said Riot in a blog post. “We believe that offering more bans will encourage deeper champion pools with more individual champions seeing the Rift – and that it’ll make a fun and engaging draft phase for fans to watch. The plan here is to give each team two additional bans partway through the draft; this midpoint ban should encourage adaptability and reward teams who can accurately predict what strategies their opponents are planning then move swiftly to counter them.”

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