Lead experience designer at Riot Games claims “we’ll be gucci” if popular former streamer dies of testicular cancer or cocaine overdose

Aaron Rutledge, a lead experience designer at Riot Games, has caused problem suggesting that “we’ll be gucci” if a popular former League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tler1’ Steinkamp dies “From a coke overdose or testicular cancer from all the steroids.”

Rutledge, posting on the League of Legends subreddit under his handle of Riot Sanjuro, said: “Honestly… it’s fine he’ll die from a coke overdose or testicular cancer from all the the steroids… then we’ll be gucci.”

Steinkamp was banned from League of Legends a year ago, the culmination of a streaming career marked with trolling, griefing and generally negative behaviour that earnt him the title of “most toxic player in NA.”

He’s since been trying to clean up his act, claiming to be the “most reformed player NA”, and his response to the growing drama has been calm and measured, unexpected from someone claimed to be “most toxic player” but an important response to hold up as the fanbase gets increasingly vocal in its distaste for Rutledge’s comments.

Rutledge has since apologised, and Riot have appeared on Reddit to say: “"To be very clear here: what was said is NOT okay, and we take it extremely seriously," a Riot staffer said on Reddit. "I’d like to apologize on behalf of Riot to both Tyler1 and the community for this."

Regardless, the community is enraged, and pushing a lot of negativity Rutledge’s way. 

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