League of Legends’ North American Challenger Series changes to best-of-three format

Riot Games have announced that League of Legends’ North American Challenger Series is going to be adopting a best-of-three round-robin format, effective immediately.

The Academy League is expected to take over in 2018, and so the NA CS is being prepared for the transition and responding to feedback from Challenger teams, moving to a best-of-three so teams can gets used to the best-of-five format that takes place during the NA CS playoffs and promotion tournament.

Starting this week, North American CS teams will now face-off over two best-of-three series every Wednesday and Thursday. Riot will be streaming one full NA CS series every thursday, instead of the stream of the mix of highlights and random segments it’s been streaming currently. This means fans will only be able to see a single series a week, which could hurt several teams in the CS, however two teams will appear on stream each week.

Fans looking to see the first standard best-of-three match can see eUnited brawl with Gold Coin United at 5pm Pacific Time.

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