League of Legends pro Ben4 suspended for racist comments in game

Riot has suspended professional League of Legends player Tu “Ben4” Xin-cheng after he was found to be making racist remarks in public games.

Ben4, who plays for Chinese team I May, will be suspended for one best of three match in the LPL. A statement on Chinese social network weibo from the league, which was spotted by Yahoo Esports, confirmed the decision, saying that the player had been caught using “insulting words and has cursed other players’ family members.” He had also made racist remarks on two separate occasions.

The incident happened while Ben4 was playing public games on the Korean server. Using the in game chat he made the remarks which got him banned, although there is no info on what exactly he said.

While the ban is only for a small period of time it is good to see Riot cracking down on this kind of behaviour.

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