LoL Worlds quarter-finals sees every western team knocked out

Every Western team is out of League of Legends worlds championship, after a weekend that nearly saw reigning world champs SK Telecom T1 (SKT) knocked out by European team Misfits.

The biggest upset of the weekend, and arguably of all time for competitive League of Legends, saw Misfits up 2-1 in a best of five game against SKT, and cruising towards their third win. However, SKT suddenly seemed to remember they were the two-time reigning world champions, and turned it around to win not just that game to even up the score, but then to take advantage of a mistake by Misfits in the late game to win a third and send Misfits home.

Regardless, Misfits cemented their place in legend with the performance. This might seem hyperbolic, but considering SKT’s midlaner once held the nickname “the unkillable demon king,” you can understand why a loss for the South Korean team is so shocking.

Meanwhile, Team Longzhou, who triumphed in their group with a 6-0 record, were defeated by Samsung Galaxy in a 3-0 sweep, upsetting many people’s predictions of an SKT – Longzhou final.

Otherwise, Fnatic and Cloud9, the remaining European and North American teams were taken out, leaving a semi-final comprised of three South Korean teams and one Chinese team. This is an upset for the western teams, but for Misfits, it’s a hell of a story and one that’s likely to increase interest in the team substantially.

The semi-finals, taking place on October 28 and October 29, will be as follows:

  • SK Telecom T1 v Royal Never Give Up
  • Team WE vs Samsung Galaxy

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