Lylat Cruise restored to competitive play in Smash 4

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The Lylat Cruise stage has been restored to the competitive map pool in the Super Smash Bros Wii U ruleset after community outcry. 

The stage was removed earlier in the year when the new tournament ruleset was revealed, however fans and pro players were not happy with the change. After a lot of discussion the stage has been re added to the competitive map pool as a starter stage alongside Battlefield, Final Destination, Smashville, and Town & City. 

“[Lylat Cruise] wasn’t easy to remove or add back in,” Bassem “Bear’ Dahdouh told Yahoo Esports. “But essentially, in combination with a majority voicing their opinion to add it back in was a factor, along with rounding out a five-stage starter list.”

Smash 4 is set to have one of its biggest years ever, with a prime time slot at Evo and the relegation of Melee to Saturday.