Make it to the Dota 2 Major Qualifiers by playing in the weekly Battle Cup

Valve has announced that each region’s qualifying tournament for upcoming Dota 2 Majors will reserve one spot for a team that wins the tier-8 Champions Cup. 

Now what is the tier 8 Champions Cup? Well the Champions Cup is the new end of season tournament that will see the best performers in the weekly Battle Cups fight it out to become season champions. The winners of this event will get to keep all the Battle Cup winner’s rewards for the off season. The tier 8 cup will feature the highest level players, and one team that wins this cup will make it to the major qualifier for their region. 

Of course for those of us well below the MMR requirement for tier 8 we can still enjoy the weekly Battle Cup’s which are returning, and the new Champions Cup if we turn out to be good enough. The same format as last season returns, with the same entry price of $0.99. The first Battle Cup of the season is on Saturday January 28th and they run weekly until the 15th April. The Champions cup will then run on the 22nd April. 

More info can be found on the Dota 2 blog

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