Misfits Academy secure a spot in the EU LCS

The main Misfits LCS team may be playing in the postseason of the LCS right now, but their sister team has already booked a place in the same competition for the Summer Split.

Misfits Academy managed to beat Fnatic Academy to secure a spot in the EU LCS for the Summer Split. A win against LCS side Giants Gaming secured Misfits Academy a match against Fnatic Academy, with the winner of that match getting a spot in the LCS. Fnatic Academy had beaten Origen earlier in the competition. Misfits Academy managed to win the matchup against Fantic 3-2 to claim the LCS spot.

In the relegation match that followed Giants defeated Origen, meaning Origen have been relegated from the LCS. Fnatic Academy will now face Giants to determine who gets the final spot in the LCS.

Regardless of the Fnatic result both Misfits and Fnatic will be forced to sell their academy teams before the start of the Summer Split. LCS rules state that no one owner can have two teams in the LCS, and with the Misfits main team already in the EU LCS their academy team will be sold off.

For Fnatic if they make it to the LCS they will be in the same boat, but even if they fail new rules coming into the Summer Split prevent LCS sister teams playing in the EU Challenger series. This means that Fnatic will either sell of their team and Challenger Series spot, or keep the players and have them play in the lower leagues.

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