NCAA will talk esports at its October meeting, deciding if they need to be involved in college esports

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, otherwise known as the NCAA, will be discussing esports at their next scheduled meeting in October, where the organisations board of directors will discuss what role the NCAA has in college esports.

This is overseen currently by the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE), acting as the governing body for several schools that offer full-ride esports scholarships for digital sports, and speaking to ESPN, NACE’s executive director Michael Brooks said that there would need to see big changes to fit the NCAA structure with esports.
“Unless there are some pretty dramatic exceptions being considered specifically for esports, the NCAA would be unlikely to be able to absorb esports under its banner." Brooks said, mentioning that many of the esports varsity programs were built separately of the NCAA, intending to stay away from the NCAA’s bylaws.

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