Nvidia reveals brand-new screenshots of PUBG’s desert map

NVIDIA has revealed five new screens of PlayerUnknown Battleground’s forthcoming Desert map, showing a landscape that’s altogether more varied than the now-familiar Erangel.

The screenshots show a city area that has a variety of multi-storey buildings in various states of construction in an area that looks somewhat run-down. There’s also a strip-mall shopping plaza for you to live out your urban combat fantasies.

This is contrasted with desert landscapes with just mild scrubland, offering very little cover to people sniping from scattered oil rigs, ridged canyons and other dusty structures.

It’s pretty desolate, which, considering you’re fighting to the death, is probably reasonable.

Wander your eyes down a little way for that desert. 

The desert map could launch with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds 1.0 release, or it could not. We should find out as the juggernaut lurches closer to 1.0 in December. 

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