Nvidia’s ShadowPlay Highlights launches with Lawbreakers, promises automatic highlight capture

Youtube frag reels have been a part of competitive gaming since there was a way to share them, with players having to run recording software in the background hoping to capture that one elusive moment.

Nvidia’s ShadowPlay made things easier, letting you turn on your capture software in the past, capturing the last few minutes of footage after a majestic killstreak or impossible shot. With their next step, ShadowPlay Highlights, certain games will be able to identify the moments you’re proud of and save it as either a screenshot or a video.

It probably won’t be perfect, and there’s no indication of how it’ll work, although the smart money would be on developers coding triggers and marking points to tell ShadowPlay when to save. That or y’know, magic.

The first game to launch with ShadowPlay Highlights is the forthcoming shooter LawBreakers on August 8, which has Unreal Tournament veteran CliffyB at the helm.

The system will have to be supported by developers to be used in a game, but hopefully widespread adoption could see the system used to create a variety of highlight reels and montages.

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