Orisa added to competitive Overwatch modes

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Blizzard has finally added new Overwatch hero Orisa to the game’s competitive modes. 

After launching on the PTR a few weeks back Orisa is finally available to pick when playing the game’s ranked modes, which are the modes that most people play. 

This tactic is one that Blizzard hasn’t used before, but is one that seems to have worked out quite well. When a new hero launches everyone wants to play as said hero, which can cause a lot of arguments and disruption in ranked matches where each hero can only be played by one player on each team. By restricting use during the first week to the non ranked modes that allow people to play whatever they want with no restrictions everyone could learn the basics of the new hero without impacting their rank. 

With Orisa now fully integrated into Overwatch the wait for Doomfist to appear starts once again. Heres hoping they did managed to get Terry Crews locked down to voice the character.