Overwatch Anniversary update shines a spotlight on Sombra’s translocator glitch

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Overwatch players are in a sombre mood after the game’s Anniversary patch seems to have worsened an issue with character Sombra’s translocator.

Worse, while Blizzard know it’s happening, the company hasn’t yet worked out how it’s happening, or how to fix it.

A post on the Battle.net forums by a user TinyTorgue back in January reveals how long the problem has persisted, explaining the issue:

“The problem is that when she translocates, her hitbox decides to wait at the place she was before translocating for way too long. This can be seen in 9/10 cases when a Sombra falls off the map and tries to get back on the map with the Translocator. She throws it in the air, presses E to recall, successfully gains height to get back on the map but still dies because her dust fell off the map. This is insanely frustrating and cannot possibly be intended.”

However, since the Anniversary update it seems to have been getting added attention on Reddit, with the below video hovering near the top of /R/Overwatch.

Those eagle-eyed folk at PCGN have noticed that Blizzard hasn’t commented on the issue since March, when principal designer Geoff Goodman said “we’ve tried to fix this a few times but it hasn’t gone away.” adding, “we’re still actively trying to track down and solve this problem.”

It’s still unresolved, but as the visibility of the issue grows and the pressure mounts on Blizzard, many are looking towards the company for a fix.