Overwatch finally adds floating health bars in spectator mode

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Overwatch has been hailed as the next major eSport, but still has a major problem when it comes to watching the game thanks to its chaotic nature. However Blizzard is trying to fix that and the first step is to implement third person health bars. 

When spectating a game health bars will now appear above each character, showing their total health and how much they have remaining. This means that viewers no longer have to look away from the core action to see how close a team is to being wiped out, as it will be in the center of the screen more times than not. 

The feature is currently live on the PTR, however rumours suggest that Blizzard is looking to move quickly on this and get it implemented in the live version of the game very soon. This is probably due to the start of the OGN APEX Season 2 competition, which kicked off today and is expected to pull in thousands of viewers across the world.