Overwatch gets a new hero

Overwatch’s latest hero has been released on the PTR. 

Orisa is a member of the tank class, and seems to be more in the Reinhardt school of tanks than any other. Orisa’s abilities make it sound like she is focused on absorbing a lot of damage and boosting her allies potential, while being fairly stationary. She has a shield, similar to Winston’s, but can also deal some pretty decent damage at mid range. She can also slightly reposition opponents with her alternative fire. 

The jury still seems to be out on how good Orisa is, but most people seem to like playing as her. Of course there is a good chance that there will be more changes coming to the hero in the coming weeks as she moves towards the live game and off the PTR. 

In terms of lore Orisa was built by Efi Oladele, who was introduced to the world last week. After Doomfist attacked Numbani the child inventor gathers parts from around the city to build Orisa to protect from another potential attack. 

However there is still a few unanswered questions in the world of Overwatch. First and foremost is where is Doomfist. The character is assumed to have stolen the gauntlet from the Numbani map, and we have heard nothing since. With rumours that Terry Crews is set to voice the character there is a chance that we could have another new hero entering the world of Overwatch fairly soon. 

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