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Overwatch gets a new map that teases a new hero

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Blizzard has released a new map for Overwatch known as Horizon Lunar Colony, which as you may have guessed, is set on the moon.

The new map is currently available on the PTR and will be added to the main game in the coming days. It is the first map to be set on the moon, but as any Overwatch lore fans know, the moon is a key planet in the Overwatch world. Loveable gorilla scientist Winston is from the moon.

Of course it wouldn’t be a moon based map if there wasn’t some gravity shenanigans. Horizon Lunar Colony features areas of the map that have reduced gravity, allowing heroes to fly around more than usual.

In the trailer for the map, which can be seen below, there is a shot around the 1:20 mark that shows two test subjects are unaccounted for. One is Winston, and the other is Hammond. Some think that is is a clue that the next character we see in Overwatch is this mysterious Hammond.