Part-crowdfunded League of Legend’s MSI prize reaches $1.7m

The crowdfunded prize for MSI is currently edging towards $1.7m, with fans contributing $1.4m to the prize pool by purchasing the Conquerer Karma and Conquerer Ward skins.

In a similar fashion to Valve’s work with The International and its compendium, 25% of sales of the two skins go towards the MSI prize pool. This means fans have spent around 728m RP on the pair of Conquerer skins.

It’s a positive for teams playing in the MSI tournament, as is the news that Riot Games are planning to run a similar scheme for Worlds later this year with a new Championship skin. Last year, a Worlds Championship skin for the hero Zed bumped the prize pool to over $5m.

It’s a good time for revenue share. League of Legends is recently facing calls to share more revenue with its teams, and allow franchising. Revenue share makes esports a larger viability, so

Twenty-five percent of all the sales have gone towards that prize pool. Let’s break that down. If $5 can get you 650 RP, that means that one dollar equals 130 RP, which means that more than 728 million RP was spent on either Conqueror Karma skins or Conqueror ward skins. That’s enough to buy almost 800,000 Conqueror Karma skins.

There will be a similar event for Worlds later this year, as a new Championship skin will be released to contribute its sales to the Worlds prize pool. Last year, it was Championship Zed that bumped the Worlds prize pool to over $5 million with fan contributions.

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