PEA loses its commissioner after failed CS:GO league

Jason Katz has left his position as the commissioner of PEA, the organisation of North American teams that tried and failed to set up a professional CS:GO league to rival ESL. 

Katz acted as the commissioner and public face of the organisation, meaning he was at the forefront of the controversy around the league a few months back. 

After initial reports surfaced that PEA would not let it’s teams also play in the ESL Pro League the players kicked back, and voted to all play in ESL’s competition instead of PEA’s. This ended with some teams leaving their organisations and a big discussion about contracts and who decides in the competitions the teams play in. 

PEA eventually conceded defeat and cancelled its league, although with no teams to play in it there wasn’t much of a choice. 

According to a statement from PEA, other staff have also left the organisation meaning the PEA Board of Governors will be in charge for the time being. There is still no news on if the organisation still plans to expand into other games. 

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