PUBG introduces new weather, a new weapon, and the ability to climb, vault and leap

Brendan Greene, the PlayerUnknown behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has just taken to the stage to show off upcoming changes to the game.

Stability and server performance improvements are promised, but Greene also showed off a few big changes in the form of weather — with vision impairing fog to hamper snipers and orange-tinted sunsets to encourage players to have a walk along the beach — and some movement changes.

The movement changes are big, and you can see their effects below. At the moment, characters in Bluehole’s PUBG aren’t all that spritely, and getting over picket fences or out of windows takes a lot of work, with lots of weird clipping and glitchy jumps. These improvements to movement should help make traversal easier, but with the ability to climb up walls and other objects or throw yourself out of windows, Bluehole have made close quarters combat in the towns scattered across the map much more open, with players able to move rapidly around, repositioning for better angles.

Currently, locking down the doorways to a structure and hiding on the second floor has made a building nearly impregnable, so these changes are going to see a lot of players fall foul of wall-scaling assailants, and that’s an exciting prospect that will massively shake up the competitive meta.

There’s also two new maps, one based on the deserts of Peru, another to drop players into the Adriatic.

But wait, there’s more.

At the end of the trailer, Bluehole tease the next assault rifle in the game. It’s hard to be exact from one glimpse, but it looks to be a OTS-14 Groza. The gun is chambered for the same rounds as a VSS, but there’s a variant which takes the same rounds as the AKM, so it seems reasonable to think that this forthcoming rifle will take 7.62, too.

We’ll surely find out the name of the weapon, and whether it’s more controllable than the AKM, at the end of the month when the next monthly content update goes live.

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