Rainbow Six Siege fans call for Glaz nerfs

It seems like one particularly operator is causing trouble in the Rainbow Six Siege meta.

That operator is Glaz, the Russian Spetznaz sniper that for a long time was considered a weak pick: a sniper in a game focussing on close-quarters battle seemed worthless, and this was reflected in his pick-rate in the pro tiers.

Two months ago, he got a buff giving him a thermal scope that allowed him to see through smoke. Glaz comes with his own set of smoke grenades, meaning he could smoke out a room and then sweep through it, taking out enemies before anyone could return accurate fire.

The sweeping changes this has brought to the meta have the community clamouring for a fix, withReddit, in particular, saying that fixing Glaz should be taking priority over the planned Operation Health.

A lot of the confusion in the game now comes from Glaz’s role shifting from an external overwatch position to the role of pointman, charging into rooms ahead of the team.

Several suggestions are floating around on the Reddit right now as to how precisely the scope could be fixed, but the most important thing is that a fix is needed before people stop playing due to Glaz’s anti-fun aura becomes too overpowering.

There’s no doubt that Operation Health, although controversial, will create a better game on a technical level, however the lack of any significant balance changes due to the loss of the mid-season reinforcements means that players could be left frustrated until the next season rolls around. That’s something that could severely damage the game’s community.

Thanks to PCGamesN for the spot on this one.

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